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A Tale of Two Sales

“…If we can learn to trust one another more, we can have unprecedented human progress.” -  Frances Frei

Sales - it’s complicated. But if we play devil’s advocate, does it always have to be? 

Within the process of buying or selling a home each side has their own viewpoint. Both stem from a unique history and understanding of the experience at hand. I’d like to invite you, as the reader, to embrace the two sides that every story has to tell. 

The Buyer Vs. The Seller

You might be wondering why I’ve decided to introduce the topic of buyer versus seller. In a complicated process, sometimes there is a conversation piece that’s missing.

For example, I just closed on a home representing the buyer. It was over my client’s budget, but it was perfect - shiny and new with all the bells and whistles. They wanted to make it work and I wanted to see them pursue their dream. But there was a catch, there was no negotiation on offer price - not even $1. 

My clients didn’t expect much, but they were discouraged when there was no willingness to compromise. At this point it felt like a one-sided deal which could have been avoided with a small gesture. At the end of the day, two stories were finally shared: 1) A seller just wanting to see their home go for the price they felt it was worth; 2) A buyer who was willing to stretch and make their dream a reality for the right home. 

What is Fair?  

If the two teams had shared their perspectives earlier in the process we may have found there was little need for complication. All in all, it is in our innate nature to want reciprocation in business transactions. If two sides within a story can find understanding then we are better equipped to find trust in one another and meet our client’s expectations.

Robby Hill